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Beach bum weekend!


Its been so hot in southern california lately! All I really want to do is just go take my bike and ride it at the beach all day. My friend recommends Balboa, but I’ve never been there before. My  favorite however is Venice. I just love the culture and people you see there. Also the people there are always selling neat things!

Sometimes I wish I were a hippy so I could grow some dreads, be a beach bum, and not have to worry about the nonsense in life. Really dumb isn’t it?

No Doubt – Bathwater


A beautiful day!


This would be a perfect summer outfit…not even, maybe even spring! Prom is right around the corner, I’ll be sure to update with pictures of my dress, shoes, and clutch!

Today however was a fun day! I got my eyebrows done for $10, played a little Rockband, and smoked some strawberry shisha with the boyfriend. Overall, a good day! 🙂

In a Cave – Tokyo Police Club