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We’re all working to die!


So I finally uploaded new pictures to flickr after so long of not having uploaded any. Actually, its almost been a month.

Anyhow, I bought the May issue of Nylon, and personally I didn’t like the young hollywood issue. Not to mention I don’t really like the girls on the cover either, but oh well. I still have my Modern Dog magazine to read when I’m bored. I don’t think I’ve enver mentioned this before on any of my blogs, but I have a wonderful love for dogs. I yearn to learn more and more about them. I know almost every single breed by heart (except the newer breeds recently adopted, still working on those). When it comes to dogs, its just best not to even try and contradict me.

Which brings me to a conclusion. I think I might make a new Tumblog lol. I’m not entirely sure yet. I will have details later, but for now I have to get ready for work.

Oh and I basically have 2 paychecks left until I graduate! How exciting is that?


Wants and Needs


I really do want this girls outfit with a pair of really cute wedges! However the question is, do I need it? The answer to this questin would be no. Prom is approaching this Saturday (please don’t ask me why its the day before Mother’s Day, my school is retarded) and I need $68 for the limo, about $30 for a mani/pedi, and another $20-25 for my portion of dinner. Not to mention I paid for my own dress and shoes which was another $100. I have a minimum wage job, I’m still in High School, and I practically get no hours…I don’t have this kind of money! Also, does anyone know if the Kristin Prim (Prim. Magazine) girl still has a blog, I lost all of my bookmarks and I really liked that girl!

Oh and I’m in a very serious situation about where I will be living after I graduate High School. I need to find a roommate in Fullerton, CA. Let me know if you know anyone that is interested please and thank you! 🙂

I really want this Jumpsuit from Forever 21. Its only $20, it would look really cute with a nice pair of wedges also lol.

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